We are Hearts & Minds.

A young creative agency who work out why consumers ❤️ your brand, and then make them 💡 about it again. 


We sell ideas.

The right idea creates awareness through its marketing and its PR. We generate those ideas. Ideas that work in both above and below the line marketing campaigns. Ideas that generate buzz in the press. They are brave, distinctive and well thought out. Whether you are a small shaving subscription service, or a large sausage maker, our ideas can resonate with your audience.

Our ideas are powerful because they have purpose.

Any brand can achieve awareness providing it taps into what people really want. Our ideas are about encouraging social responsibility. They gain traction because they address civic, economic and environmental issues, they give back to society and act as a powerful force for good. In turn, they raise awareness for the brand they support. They bring a whole lot of love, and ton of brains, to the table. That is Hearts and Minds' purpose, and why we are obsessed with what we do. 

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