The worst football kit in the world

Mission: Make Heck famous amongst football fans.

Irregular Answer: We sponsored a non-league football team, on the proviso we could design the away kits…

Outcome: 50m+ impressions with £0 media spend. Featured on BBC breakfast, BBC.co.uk, Radio 5, BBC Look North, BBC Sport, TalkSport, Fox Sports, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, ESPN, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Eurosport, Vice, FoxSports and PigWorld.

The kits became so popular, they’re now sold via historicfootballkits.

FFS logo

A brand for women to swear by

Mission: Create a true challenger brand for the female hair removal category.

Irregular Answer: We named the business Friction Free Shaving, or FFS for short, because hair removal is an F-ing faff for women and none of the existing brands were being honest about that.

Outcome: A brand with over 30,000 monthly subscribers and rising.

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 15.39.47.png

Repositioning the sun

Mission: A campaign to broaden the meaning of The Childs Farm brand beyond “sensitive skin” for their sun cream range.

Irregular Answer: In a market dominated by brands scaring consumers about the effects of the sun, we celebrated the joy of being outside in Summer, and the inherent benefits of The Sun itself.

Outcome: One of the hottest Summers on record. Maybe the feeling’s mutual.


Helping men check their balls with heck

Mission: After one of their team got testicular cancer, Heck asked us for a way to raise awareness, and money, for Movember.

Irregular Answer: Change the packs from Heck to Check, with money donated with each purchase.

Outcome: Over £25,000 raised, plus nationwide TV coverage about Heck’s mission.

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 15.21.15.png

Unclean eating

Mission: Position a 25 year old private members club in a world that’s dominated by Soho House.

Irregular Answer: In a world of clean eating and business without pleasure, The Union can become a haven for the exact opposite.

Outcome: People seen eating well past 4pm.